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24 Nov 2022

Regeneration of brain tissue

In a zebra fish model, Jovica Ninkovic and team identify key factors that prevent scar formation and improve the ability of tissue to regenerate.

23 Nov 2022

Boyan Bonev joins EMBO Network as Young Investigator

Boyan Bonev was selected to join the EMBO Young Investigator programme offering excellent networking opportunities, practical and financial support.

11 Nov 2022

BMC team receives publication award

A team led by Magdalena Götz receives the GSCN 2022 Publication of the Year Award for their study on centrosomes.

31 Oct 2022

Jack-o'-lanterns, punch and marshmallows: Halloween at the BMC

The first Jack-o'-lantern contest at the BMC culminated on October, 27, with a get-together to award the winning teams.

21 Oct 2022

How cells get rid of excess gene products

An international team led by Sigurd Braun has investigated the degradation routes of RNA in the nucleus. (Picture: L. Martín Caballero)

29 September 2022

Pushing the boundaries of microscopy

Core Facility Bioimaging presents five color superresolution microscopy using a FLIM-STED approach and sets a record.

28 September 2022

CAM offers Animal Welfare Award

CAM honors project ideas and publications related to animal welfare and sustainability.

20 September 2022

Gene regulation: DNA modification important for silencing of endogenous retroviruses

Gunnar Schotta and his team have investigated which mechanisms prevent endogenous retroviruses from becoming overly active.

19 September 2022

Multiple Sclerosis: The gut-brain connection

Join us for a scientific workshop at the BMC on 26 September. All interested are welcome.

15 September 2022

Postdoc Appreciation Week Germany

Organized by the Munich Postdoc Initiative and partners, the Postdoc Appreciation Week from 19-23 Sept offers a diverse event program. Register now!

14 September 2022

„Animal welfare at lunchtime“ – Virtual seminar

The Core Facility Animal Models invites all interested to a virtual seminar on how to optimize colony management on 29 Sept (in collab. With Charles River).


07 September 2022

Movie Matinee "Picture a Scientist"

Join us for a special movie matinee on 14 October.

07 September 2022

Biotech Career Opportunities in Munich

Career orientation event for early career scientists at the BMC on 5 October - registration is open.

07 September 2022

Sustainable World 2022: Global Challenges for Life Scientists

Join us for a symposium on 29 September at the BMC!

16 August 2022

BMC team pedals to silver

In this year's “City Cycling” campaign, the BMC team sets a strong example for climate protection.

16 August 2022

PhD Get-together

The Life science graduate network invites all PhD students to a get-together with foods, drinks, poster session and music at the BMC on 25 August.

02 August 2022

Jump start for the bike

At the BMC and six other LMU locations, bike repair stations offer useful equipment to get your bike back in shape.

26 July 2022

How tiny changes help T cells to survive

Vigo Heissmeyer, Taku Ito-Kureha and team have revealed the essential function of m6A modifications in T cells.

21 July 2022

New research groups @ BMC

The BMC welcomes three new group leaders and their teams: Lena Burbulla, Silvia Cappello and Rodrigo Villaseñor.

20 July 2022

Soapbox Science: Science for everyone

At the Soapbox Science event in the city center of Munich on 23 July Vanessa Luzak from the Siegel Lab and 11 further female scientists will present their research.

19 July 2022

Boyan Bonev is awarded ERC Consolidator Grant

For his project EpiCortex Boyan Bonev receives one of the prestigious Consolidator Grants from the European Research Council. (Photo: Jan Greune)

14 July 2022

Diss & Co: Podcast on the challenges of a doctorate

In the latest episode of the LMU Graduate Center’s podcast “Diss & Co”, Axel Imhof talks about the "mid-thesis blues" from a supervisor’s perspective.

05 July 2022

Cell biology: RNA granules on the spot

Michael Kiebler, Janina Ehses and team demonstrate that interactions between RNA-binding proteins affect translation and consequently the complexity of neurons.

29 June 2022

Keisuke Goda receives Philipp Franz von Siebold Prize

The award for the Japanese scientist is associated with a research stay at the BMC in the laboratory of Nicolai Siegel.

22 June 2022

Chromatin Day on July 21, 2022

CRC 1064 presents the 13th Chromatin Day for the Munich chromatin community with in-person as well as an online attendance option.

17 June 2022

Diversity of centrosomes

Magdalena Götz and team report in Science on a previously unknown diversity of centrosomes and a link to neurological diseases.

07 June 2022

New CRC/TRR with BMC participation receives funding

Barbara Walzog is vice-spokesperson of the new CRC/TRR "Neutrophil Granulocytes: Development, Behavior and Function"

31 May 2022

International recognition for the Core Facility Flow Cytometry

For excellence in management and operations the Core Facility Flow Cytometry has been acknowledged as ISAC Recognized Shared Resource Laboratory.

23 May 2022

Neurons: How RNA granules grow and shrink

Karl Bauer, Michael Kiebler and team have shown that small aggregates function as temporary RNA repositories, which are regulated by neural activity.

10 May 22

Epigenetics - An interdisciplinary discussion

Online event on 17 May organized by SFB1064 and partners (in German).

30 March 2022

Open Science @ BMC

BMC joins the LMU Open Science Center as institutional member.

28 March 2022

Solidarity and support for scientists

BMC-based Collaborative Research Centers offer support to scientists displaced by the war in Ukraine.

22 March 2022

Alzheimer’s: Protective Immune Cells Active Decades Before Symptom Onset

A team led by Christian Haass reports in The Lancet Neurology. (Photo: DZNE/Frommann)

17 March 2022

Nicolai Siegel is awarded ERC Consolidator Grant

BMC scientist Nicolai Siegel receives an ERC Grant from the European Research Council for his innovative research on the variability of pathogens. (Photo: Jan Greune)

16 March 2022

Obesity: a dangerous immune response

An unhealthy diet leads to fatal activation of immune cells. In an international collaboration, Susanne Stutte, Barbara Walzog and colleagues have uncovered new molecular influences.

09 March 2022

Postdoc Lunch Meeting

The BMC Postdoc Initiative invites to a virtual lunch seminar on 8 April with a recuiting specialist as guest speaker.

28 Feb 2022

Solidarity with Ukraine

Statement of LMU Munich

18 Feb 2022

Multiple sclerosis: Twin study helps to untangle environmental and genetic influences in immune profiles

Lisa Ann Gerdes, Eduardo Beltrán and team report in Nature.

15 Feb 2022

Neurodegenerative diseases: Highly responsive immune cells seem to be beneficial for the brain

Christian Haass and team report in The EMBO Journal. (Picture: LMU Klinikum / Dominik Paquet, Sophie Robinson)

14 Feb 2022

Novel insights into lineage specification in the brain

Boyan Bonev, Florian Noack and team provide a comprehensive, cell-type specific assessment of the multimodal regulatory landscape of the developing mouse cortex. (Picture: Jei Diwakar)

14 Feb 2022

Prestigious ERA-NET Grant for Boyan Bonev

Boyan Bonev and colleagues receive funding for their project MOSAIC which aims to pave the way towards new targeted therapies for childhood drug-resistant epilepsy. (Picture: HPC)

20 Jan 2022

Long-term protection against SARS-CoV-2

Edgar Meinl and his team show that SARS-CoV-2-recognizing memory B cells circulate in the blood even after loss of specific antibodies.

19 Jan 2021

Postdoc Lunch Seminar

The BMC Postdoc Initiative invites to a virtual lunch seminar on Open Science on 4 February.

14 Jan 2022

BMC year-end message

The BMC Advent calendar illuminated the campus, gradually unveiling the BMC year-end message throughout December.

6 Dec 21

BMC in Advent

The second BMC Advent calendar lights up the campus.


02 Dec 21

New marker for better assessing the severity of Covid-19

Thomas Brocker, Jan Kranich and team have found a new marker in the blood of Covid-19 patients. It furnishes insights into the course and development of the disease and could lead to better diagnoses.