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Trailblazer Lectures

Trailblazer_LogoFor our lecture series Trailblazer we invite eminent scientists to the BMC whose pioneering work opened new research perspectives. Trailblazer Lectures are organized in collaboration with partner programs.

All dates will be announced here and on the Campus Martinsried website - subscribe to the website’s RSS feed to stay up to date.

Next Trailblazer Lecture:

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Previous lectures:

DateSpeaker and title
Frebruary 26, 2024 Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz (Janelia Research Center, Howard Hughes Medical Institute): Imaging subcellular structure, dynamics, and interanctions
October 13, 2023 Xiaowei Zhuang (Harvard University): Spatially resolved single-cell genomics and cell atlas of the brain
February 27, 2023 Tony Wyss-Coray (Stanford University School of Medicine): Young blood for old brains
October 11, 2022 Edith Heard (EMBL, Heidelberg): EMBL’s new science programme:
"Molecules to Ecosystems"
December 7, 2021 Tony Hyman (MPI Dresden): Biomolecular condensates and their
implications for physiology and disease

 trailblazer_lippincottschwartz    trailblazer_zhuang_bild    trailblazer_wyss-coray_bild    

Left: Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz and  and Michael Kiebler during the Trailblazer Lecture in February 2024. Middle: Peter Becker and Xiaowei Zhuang during the Trailblazer Lecture in October 2023. Right: Peter Becker, Tony Wyss-Coray and Christian Haass during the Trailblazer Lecture in February 2023.