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Collaboration, diversity and scientific integrity: Our Code of Conduct

At the BMC, we value opportunities to enhance our collaboration, we invest in our talent, and we act with integrity. Following extensive discussions among representatives from all our stakeholders, we have consolidated these principles into the BMC's Code of Conduct. We are thrilled to share it with you.

We are unwavering in our commitment to maintaining high ethical standards and workplace responsibility. We strive to conduct research, to educate, and to operate with the utmost integrity, and we hold all individuals to the same standard.

To ensure transparency and clarity regarding our expectations, BMC's Code of Conduct outlines our standards for gender equality, diversity, and scientific integrity that we anticipate everyone to uphold.

Although this Code of Conduct covers some ground on issues that arise from time to time, it is difficult to foresee or plan for every situation that may occur when we work together, especially in the very international and diverse environment that define the BMC’s research, teaching and community interactions. Wherever you are in doubt, or you feel that you have been wronged, we encourage you to seek advice and to speak up to discuss situations that you consider inappropriate. All of us may fail from time to time, but let’s use the Code of Conduct to guide how we will work with each other, in fairness, frankness and as “Team BMC”.

Please find here the following policies:

• Gender Equality at BMC
• Diversity at BMC
• Scientific Integrity at BMC