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Kawakami Lab - Live imaging of CNS autoimmunity

Clinical Neuroimmunology

kawakamiResearch Topics

  • Autoimmunity
  • Intravital imaging
  • T cells

Photo: Jan Greune

Our research focusses on autoreactive, CNS-specific T cells that induce inflammation in the brain. The use of intravital two-photon microscopy and functional fluorescent markers in EAE, an animal model for Multiple Sclerosis, allows us to visualize not only T-cell activation but also migration and interactions with other cell types in real-time. These obtained parameters promote our understanding of how the fate of autoreactive T cells is influenced by their environment and vice versa. Read more...


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Scientific vita

since 2011 Group leader Institute of Clinical Neuroimmunology, University Hospital and Biomedical Center, LMU Munich
2003-2011 Group leader Department of Neuroimmunology, Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology
2001-2002 Postdoctoral researcher Department of Neuroimmunology, Max-Planck Institute of Neurobiology
2001 PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences Osaka University, Japan, Advisor: H. Yamamoto