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Archiv 2020

December 7, 2020

The BMC in Advent – the first BMC Advent calendar shines brightly, and St. Nicolas sends a virtual message

December 7, 2020

Excellence in Life Science – Maria Robles selected as EMBO Young Investigator

December 4, 2020

DNA repair - Andreas Ladurner and his team identify a novel mechanism to kill cancer cells

December 1, 2020

Successful research cluster – The Collaborative Research Cluster 1054 receives funding for another four years

November 26, 2020

Success stories - The BMC as career springboard for junior research group leaders like Susanne Koch (Picture: J. Greune)

November 23, 2020

High scientific accolade - Martin Kerschensteiner has been elected as a new Leopoldina member (Picture: J. Greune)

November 17, 2020

Reprogramming – Magdalena Götz and her team demonstrate the important role of mitochondrial proteins in glia-to-neuron conversion (Picture: Helmholtz Zentrum München)

November 6, 2020

Team effort - BMC team takes the lead in Aktion Stadtradeln

October 22, 2020

Proteomics highlight of the year - First prize for Maria Robles in manuscript competition of the Human Proteome Organization

October 7, 2020

Virtual Xenopus Meeting - The 6th German Xenopus Meeting takes place on 11-13 November via Zoom

October 1, 2020

Virtual Chromatin Day 2020 – Munich groups present exciting chromatin research

September 30, 2020

Online course - Beginners Guide to Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM)

July 1, 2020

Soapbox Science Munich 2020 – BMC scientists bring science to people

June 26, 2020

Research award - Maria Robles is awarded the Junior Faculty Research Award by the Society for Research on Biological Rhythms (SRBR) (Picture: J. Greune)

May 15, 2020

Vaccination – Dirk Baumjohann and colleagues show that vaccine efficacy is indicated early on by a specific class of immune cells in the blood

March 31, 2020

Excellence in research – Magdalena Götz is awarded an ERC Advanced Grant for the second time

March 10, 2020

Alzheimer disease – An international team led by Christian Haass explores the protective effect of immune cell stimulation in the brain

March 3, 2020

For a good cause – The BMC donates the proceeds of the Christmas Market 2019 to the KlinikClowns

February 28, 2020

Immune response – Dirk Baumjohann and his team develop an ex vivo cell culture model from human tonsil tissue

February 10, 2020

Clinical Mass Spectrometry Center – Joint project of Axel Imhof and Munich scientists receives federal funding

February 7, 2020

Magdalena Götz honored with Jakob-Herz Prize 2020 (Picture: H. Sippel)

February 7, 2020

Inheritance of epigenetic patterns – Axel Imhof and colleagues model the establishment of histone modifications after cell division

February 6, 2020

Neurogenesis – Magdalena Götz and her team define the proteome of the neural stem cell niche (Picture: Helmholtz Zentrum München/Jacob Kjell)

January 21, 2020

New arrival - Core Facility Flow Cytometry presents their new spectral analyzer

January 15, 2020

Barbara Schraml and colleagues show the origin of dendritic cells in the kidney changes with age