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Biochemistry II - BC II

The Molecular Biology (Prof. Dr. Peter B. Becker) and Biochemistry of Metabolism (Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Christian Haass) divisions of the Faculty of Medicine are responsible for teaching the second part of biochemistry and molecular biology topics for medical and dentistry students. The medical students in their third semester learn about the principles of molecular biology and metabolism in a lecture series and in the seminar courses “Biochemistry II”, “Biochemical Aspects of Clinical Cases” and “Integrated Biochemistry Seminar”. The molecular biology content covers cellular organization, inheritance and expression of genetic information and dysregulation of cellular proliferation in the course of cancer development. The parts on metabolism cover uptake, conversion, use and storage of the main nutrients (sugars, fat, proteins). Throughout, there is a special emphasis on aspects of physiological and pathological functions of the human body. For example, metabolic states during physical activity, fasting or diabetes are discussed. The “Integrated Biochemistry Seminar” offers a first application of the acquired knowledge and an introduction to critical reading of scientific literature by working through an original research paper. “Organ-centered Seminars” follow in the fourth semester during which biochemical and molecular biology aspects of various organ systems are elaborated and linked to respective anatomical and physiological traits. Dentistry students have a lecture about the principles of biochemistry/molecular biology in their fifth semester. In collaboration with the “Virtual University of Bavaria “ (“Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern - VHB)” and the University of Würzburg, there are 50 clinical cases with relevant biochemistry/molecular biology aspects and respective exercises available online, some of which are integrated in the classroom teaching. For more information about the courses, please consult the MeCum-Moodle platform of the Medical Faculty of LMU. Back to the teaching main site.


Office, Biochemistry II

Student Office - Biochemistry II

Regina Hein

Teaching Coordinator Biochemistry II

Teaching Coordinator BC II

Dr. med. Christine Wild-Bode