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The Institute for Immunology (Chair: Prof. Thomas Brocker) participates in lectures, seminars and laboratory courses in Modul 1 "Foundations of Clinical Medicine: Microbiology an Immunology" in the first clinical semester of the Medical Curriculum (Mecum). In addition, the Institute offers several classes for students of Medicine, Biology and Biochemistry, all taught in English. In the course of the two-semester lecture "Immunology" the researchers of the Institute teach the basic and clinical aspects of the immune system. A practical course and a number of seminars allow the students to get more in depth insights into focused topics.

The following seminars are currently offered:

  • Immunopharmacology (Prof. Anne Krug) deals with the effects of vaccines and new drugs based on immunological mechanisms. This class includes two excursions to biotech companies that use immunological approaches.
  • Signal transduction (Prof. Vigo Heissmeyer): This course looks at biochemical and genetic changes of T lymphocytes, the most important cells of the adaptive immune system, in response to antigen recognition. Some of the molecules involved are already targeted by pharmacological interventions which promises that further understanding of these processes can lead to novel tretments of disease.
  • Immunological Tolerance (Prof. Ludger Klein) is a key concept of Immunology and asks why and how immunological effector mechanisms do by and large not affect the organsm's own cells and organs.
  • Immunological Memory (PD Reinhard Obst) deals with the most important health-supporting effect of the adaptive immune response, the long-lasting protection against secondary infections. The class will look at the cells responsible and molecular mechanisms. 
  • The Experimental Basis of Immunology (PD Reinhard Obst) is a weekly class that looks at the experimental methods and techniques used in Immunology. We will read classical papers that established the key immunological concepts and learn how to deal with primary literature efficiently.

All information on these classes can be found on
For further information please refer to the pages of the MeCum-Moodle platform of the Medical Faculty of LMU.

Lehrkoordination Immunologie

Teaching Coordinator Immunology

PD Dr. Reinhard Obst

+49 (0)89 2180 75631