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The course Neurophysiology (Physiology I) for medical and dental students is hosted by the department of Physiological Genomics (chair Professor Magdalena Götz) and the department of Cellular Physiology (chair Professor Claudia Veigel). It is tailored for medical students in their 3rd preclinical semester and is offered during the first eight weeks of the winter term. The focus of the course is to discuss function and dysfunction of the central nervous system as well as muscles, peripheral sensory organs and the neuroendocrine system in form of practical courses, seminars and lectures. At the end of the course a written exam needs to be passed. For further information please refer to the pages of the MeCum-Moodle platform of the Medical Faculty of LMU. Back to the teaching main site.


Dr. Corinna Haupt

Teaching Coordinator Neurophysiology

+49 (0)89 2180 75246

Student Office - Neurophysiology

Barbara Gebhard (N 01.009)