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Protein Analysis Unit - ZFP

The Protein Analysis Unit (Zentrallabor für Proteinanalytik (ZfP)) serves as a proteomics core facility at the Medical School of the Ludwig-Maximilians University (LMU) of Munich, which performs large scale proteomic analyses for collaborating labs on the medical campus of the LMU. The expertise of the ZfP ranges from the identification of single proteins for quality control purposes, over the mapping of post translational modification pattern on proteins and the mapping of protein-protein cross links to the measurements of whole proteomes. The ZfP uses several bioinformatic tools to analyse large proteomic datasets using standard bioinformatics (MASCOT, ANDROMEDA, SEQUEST) and is developing new methods to extract quantitative data from the proteomic data by either using isotopic labelling (AQUA, SILAC, MRMs) or by label free methods using either data dependent or data independent (SWATH) proteomic measurements.


Axel Imhof

Proteinanalytics (CF)
Molecular Biology

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