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Flow Cytometry

The newly established Core Facility Flow Cytometry provides access to state-of-the-art platforms for flow cytometric analyses, imaging flow cytometry, cell sorting as well as multiplex single cell analyses (Fluidigm Biomark HD). We are also providing cell sorting and other applications as a service.

The flow cytometric analysis of cellular phenotypes in complex cell mixtures has become the method of choice to address a variety of questions in cellular and molecular biology. Beyond its classical application in the assessment of surface molecules, the scope of flow cytometry now comprises measurements of enzymatic activities, cell cycle, activation status of signaling cascades, organelle function or production of secreted molecules. Multiparameter analyses allow for the simultaneous assessment of up to twenty cellular features. High-speed cell sorting can be used to isolate extremely rare cell populations, to deposit single cells in different formats, or to simultaneously purify up to for different subpopulations out of complex cell suspensions.

Ludger Klein

Flow Cytometry (CF)

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