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SFB 1064- Chromatin Dynamics , On-site Review

Once every four years DFG-funded Collaborative Research Centers (Sonderforschungsbereiche, SFB) are evaluated by an international review panel. The performance of the teams but also of the coordinate action of the CRC then determines whether funding will continue. 
On March 15 all scientists working in the context of the CRC ‘Chromatin Dynamics’ and their supporters gathered in the BMC small lecture hall to witness their group leaders describe and defend their project proposal for the next funding period. The twenty 4-minute lecturers summarised an impressive spectrum of high-calibre research on mechanisms and principles of regulation in and through chromatin. Later, it was the students' turn to show their achievements in a poster session. The decision on the future of the CRC will be taken by the DFG in May. Until then we keep our fingers crossed!