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Schotta Lab - Epigenetic Gene Regulation

Molecular Biology

schottaResearch Topics

  • Control of endogenous retroviruses
  • Heterochromatin silencing mechanisms
  • Transcription factor biology
  • Epigenetic alterations in cancer



Prof. Dr. Gunnar Schotta

phone: +49 (0)89 - 2180 75422

Photo: Jan Greune

Epigenetic mechanisms regulate multiple aspects of normal development (stem cell maintenance, differentiation). Misregulation of epigenetic programs can result in aberrant development (cancer, aging). In this context we study the mechanisms of epigenetic gene regulation using a combination of mouse genetics (knock-out and knock-in mouse models), cell biology (embryonic stem cells, differentiation systems, CRISPR/Cas, genome-wide sgRNA screens) and biochemical (ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, MeDIP-seq, ATAC-seq, etc.) approaches. Read more...


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Scientific vita

since 2008 Professor for Epigenetics Dept. Molecular Biology, Biomedical Center, LMU Munich
2003-2008 Postdoctoral researcher Thomas Jenuwein Lab, Institute of Molecular Pathology (I.M.P.), Vienna, Austria
2002-2003 Postdoctoral researcher Gunter Reuter Lab, Martin Luther University Halle
2002 PhD in Molecular Genetics Martin Luther University Halle, Advisor: Gunter Reuter