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Obituary for Professor Walter Neupert – an extraordinary scientist and mentor

It is with great sadness that we mourn the passing of Professor Walter Neupert on 22 June. Professor Neupert chaired the Department of Physiological Chemistry at the LMU from 1983 to 2010. His visionary ideas for providing excellent research environment were formative for the conception of the Biomedical Center. Until last, he continued his pioneering research and foundation work.

While we mourn particularly with his family and those who knew him well and worked with him directly, we will celebrate the extraordinary achievements of Professor Neupert and the many disciples and staff that he helped train and that together have impacted modern cell biology as we know it. His contributions to the understanding of mitochondrial protein import, chaperone-assisted protein folding and the architecture of mitochondria have fundamentally altered our understanding of cellular homeostasis and of this vital organelle. For his outstanding achievements, Professor Neupert was honored with numerous national and international awards.

Professor Neupert had an insatiable intellect and an ever-keen eye for discovery and talent. His legacy stands, a broad, solid foundation supporting the pursuit of new knowledge in the field.