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MIT:FUTURA innovation prize for the EpiQMAx team

At the MIT:FUTURA conference on June 5, 2018, Dr. Moritz Völker-Albert from the EpiQMAx team received the jury's best innovation prize for their transformation strategy pitch promoting the start-up business initiative EpiQMAx.

The MIT:FUTURA conference (link in german) convened in the KOSMOS Center in Berlin with over 500 digitalization experts and politicians from all over Germany, bringing together ideas for creative implementation of digitalization innovations in health, industry and society.

Moritz Völker-Albert is a post-doc in the lab of Prof. Dr. Axel Imhof, and alumnus of the IRTG-SFB 1064 Chromatin Dynamics. epiqmaxlogo735
Their start-up initiative EpiQMAx is based on mass spectrometry to identify novel epigenetic biomarkers.

Photos courtesy of Jördis Zähring/MIT.