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1st Prize for BMC start-up initiative Genwerk

On July 24, Prof. Andreas Ladurner, PhD, and Dr. Adrian Schomburg from the startup initiative Genwerk of the LMU Biomedical Center won the 1st Prize in the Acceleration Day of the EIT Health BioEntrepreneur BootCamp.

Ten founding teams from across Europe designed and validated their biotech business plan during the eight-week BioM-led EIT Health BioEntrepreneur bootcamp. At the closing event and competition, all teams presented the results of their work with a pitch, including a joint pitch by Prof. Andreas Ladurner and Dr. Adrian Schomburg for Team Genwerk. Together with Dr. Corinna Lieleg and Dr. Gunnar Knobloch, the BMC team were awarded the first prize with their Genwerk business plan.

The start-up initiative Genwerk will develop low-molecular-weight inhibitors that selectively eliminate epigenetic vulnerabilities in the tumor cell, thus enabling new forms of personalized cancer therapy.


Photo courtesy Gabriele Klingner/BioM