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1st Martinsried Flow Cytometry Course – a joint project of BMC, Gene Center and Max Planck Institute

Three Core Facilities on the Martinsried Campus – the Core Facility Flow Cytometry at Biomedical Center, the Flow Cytometry Facility at Gene Center, and the Imaging Facility of Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry – teamed up to provide a unique training opportunity in the field of flow cytometry for 15 scientists.

Flow Cytometry is a technique for high-throughput analysis of cellular phenotypes in complex cell mixtures. Beyond its classical application in the assessment of surface molecules such as in immunology, the scope of flow cytometry comprises measurements of enzymatic activities, expression of fluorescent proteins, cell cycle state, activation status of signaling cascades, organelle function and many more. It has therefore become the method of choice to address a variety of questions in cellular and molecular biology.
As versatile as Flow Cytometry is, as important is the profound understanding of its principles in order to generate robust and reproducible scientific data. The specialized Core Facilities at the Martinsried Campus have therefore joined forces to provide a 3-day course on the technical background, applications and best practice in Flow Cytometry. In mid of February, a total of 15 scientists from a broad range of institutes (also beyond Martinsried) learned about the principles of Flow Cytometry, featuring theoretical sessions, practical instrument handling in the different Core Facilities, and hands-on data analysis.

Due to the positive feedback and high demand, this course will be turned into a course series, including dedicated workshops for cell sorting. The 2nd Martinsried Flow Cytometry Course is planned for April 3-5.