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The LMU-TUM Dragon Boat Race 2018

On July 13, 2018, the ninth Dragon Boat Race of the TUM and LMU took place on the Olympic Lake in Munich.
It was a sunny day and a colorful, spectacular event with fireworks, music and many imaginatively costumed teams. For the first time, LMU boats entered the main race, and the BMC team joined ranks for the competition. With diverse crews mixing all members, from PhD students to professors, the Team BMC showed total commitment on the 250 m race course. Unfortunately, our team did not make it to the finals; the TUM Trauma Surgery team took the title “Master of the Olympic Lake 2018“.
In the race of the professors, the LMU boat – with a crew of BMC scientists, the Medical Faculty Dean of Studies, Prof. Martin Fischer, and professors from the Faculty of German Philology – won in a dramatic finish with a hair's breadth lead against the TUM boat. Also the LMU Student Council won a close race against their TUM peers.
The Team BMC is already looking forward to next year's Dragon Boat Race challenge!
(Photo courtesy: BMC, Johannes Schmal, Benedikt Brink)