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B2Run 2019

It was wonderful weather on July 16, 2019 for the more than 30,000 participants in the 16th B2Run in the Munich Olympic Stadium. Almost 400 LMU runners started this year's race with the theme "Running. Since 1472. ". The BMC participated with a strong team of 58 runners from all departments. Runners completed a 6-kilometer circuit before entering the Olympic Stadium through the Marathon Gate to the finish line.

The BMC team, which meets every Thursday, was pleased with their overall performance. Allwyn Pereira, who organized the regular training sessions, says: “Although running is an individual sport, an event like the B2Run makes it feel like a team event. This makes the B2Run a unique event. At the end of the race, apart from being happy with my personal time, I was very pleased to see that other BMC team members had also performed really well. Many of us trained together for this event, and thus working as a team enabled us to achieve our individual goals.” He was also very pleased with the organization of the B2Run and impressed by the overwhelming feeling of finishing the race in the Olympic Stadium. “It’s the closest I will ever get to experiencing what professional athletes experience. Finishing a race at such a historic venue inspires one for the future and motivates one for the next race and challenge”, he elaborated. In fact, some members of the BMC running team plan to take part in the Munich half-marathon in October.
Neither speed nor ranking are the main points for Pereira, but rather common achievements in activities like the B2run, Dragon Boat Race or summer BBQ that help to create a feeling of belonging to the BMC. “I really believe that training together is an excellent way to achieve our full potential; just like in science where we collaborate to make ‘the whole greater than a sum of its parts’. It also contributes to generating a nice working environment. I have gotten to know so many people from other departments during these training sessions”, he concludes.