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Research Workshop

The Biomedical Center operates a research workshop for precision mechanics and electronic engineering to support the research areas in the planning, construction and mounting of mechanical instruments and experimental set ups.

The spectrum extends from highly sophisticated precision work, for instance precision parts for high resolution microscopy, to relatively simple turned- and milled parts for a variety of biomedical laboratory devices. Transforming BMC scientists' ideas to construction plans and to technological realization is a key competence of the workshop employees. In regards to material, there are virtually no limitations, but most of the machines in the workshop are optimized to work with plastic and/or metal.

Moreover, the workshop team supports the science divisions with a variety of repair services and the refilling of as liquid nitrogen (LIN) storage tanks. 

Services of the BMC research workshop are available primarily for BMC workgroups. External commissions can be accepted depending on capacity.  

Commissions require detailed consultation with one of the workshop heads (see table for contact information).


Tolgahan Chatze Memet (Trainee) N.D U1.005 (089) 2180 71795
Adrian Grygo N.C U1.033 (089) 2180 71802
Alen Ruzak N.D U1.005 (089) 2180 71792
Georg Sigl
N.D U1.005 (089) 2180 71795
Franz Singer N.D U1.005 (089) 2180 71794 / 76565 (WBex)
Peter Steiner (Deputy head) N.D U1.005 (089) 2180 71791